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Heavy Duty Hands Free Dog Leash for

Dog Walking Running and Hiking

About this item

Heavy Duty Hands Free Dog Leash for Medium and Large Dogs

HANDS-FREE CONTROL: Keep yourself and your dog safe on walks and runs with this dog running leash. With two padded handles for added control and dual 3mm-thick bungees for flexibility and superior durability, the Pawareness around the waist dog leash allows both you and your medium or large dog to enjoy a walk or run like never before.

STRESS-FREE PET WALKS: Say goodbye to the concerns of your furry friend injuring you or being hurt by your efforts to keep them close. With this cross body dog leash, both you and your pet can enjoy stress-free walks. Upgrade your walks and experience peace of mind with this innovative dog belt solution.

ENHANCED CONTROL: Equipped with two padded handles, our hands free leash provides added control when needed. Conveniently accessible in narrow spaces, road crossings, or during high excitement, the handles offer additional guidance beyond the waist leash for a safe and secure experience.

RUN WITH THE BIG DOGS: With its dual 3mm-thick bungees, our dog running belt is well suited for even the largest and strongest breeds. The dog waist leash ensures stability during runs with your large pet, preventing unwanted tugs or pull-aways.

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Good to know

Multi-tasking with Peace of mind

SLEEK and STURDY: Our dog leash hands-free combines strength with style, elevating your walks with a touch of elegance. Impress your fellow dog walkers with its resilience and refined design.

ACCESSORY POUCH INCLUDED: A fanny pack is a dog walker’s best friend. We include one along with the around-the-waist dog leash so you can easily store anything else that might come in handy such as poop bags, a ball, or your phone.

HELP OUT A FELLOW DOG OWNER: If there’s anyone in your life looking for a safer, easier way to walk, run or hike with their pooch, they’ll absolutely love this dog leash waist walker. With the dog leash belt and its accessories, the Pawareness hand free dog leash makes a fantastic gift idea.

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3mm Thick Double Bungee Leash 2 Padded Handles – Includes Pouch Bag

We built this waist dog leash to be extra durable throughout the life of your dog. It’s designed to hold up to daily dog walks or runs without fraying or tearing. The result is a hands free leash that should last the duration of your dog ownership.

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Style is a way to say who you are without saying anything at all.

We don't like to brag, but we're changing the game

“My dog is an almost 80 lb energetic Springer Spaniel. I’m a 60 year old. He has jerked and tipped me over with other around the waist leashes. The two comfortable handles on the leash and the shock absorbency reduce the likelihood of my being felled. Additionally, if worn loosely, the around the waist portion swivels smoothly around my waist over my clothes as the dog moves from side to side when the dog is not under command to heel. I’m not constantly having to change the leash from hand to hand. The leash just slides and tracks with the dog without jerking.”


“Really great leash. I just quickly got one that seemed good and landed here. The hands free option is awesome. I also love the fact that it has a handle in the middle of the leash so I can keep my pitty close to me easily when there are other dogs around. It’s tough and I can tell it’ll last. She’s strong and this leash handles her no problem”


“This dog leash is hands down the best leash I’ve ever purchased. I love the color and my dog seems very comfortable when wearing it. It seems really durable and I think it’ll last a long time.”


Buffy – A Angry Dog

Buffy always loves to wear pawareness leash No hard Pull with stretchable bungees

Porter – The Cute Dog

Porter loves to wear hands free waist leash and his owner always has a zipper pouch where she carry poops bag and mobile


Thank You Pawareness